Telephone Systems

Telephone Systems

Our partners are among the leading telephone systems manufacturers around the world. Together, we offer telephone systems with a full range of feature functionality, with bespoke solutions to meet your business' specific needs.

We provide telephone systems ranging from basic, out the box installations to the more advanced configurations. These include systems with traditional BT lines, analogue (PSTN) and digital (ISDN) lines, as well as voice connections utilising the cloud.

For businesses located on a single site, or with multiple sites across the UK, we install,maintain and provide full training, so you can get the best out of the system for your business.

Feature List

Talk to anyone in your organisation anytime, anywhere, making costly delays a thing of the past...

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Hosted Telephony

To put it simply, hosted telephony is a telephone system that resides in the "cloud" rather than in your office...

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On Premise Telephony

Our on premise telephony specialists will work with your team to ensure you receive the best solution...

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For businesses with multiple sites across the UK, our solutions enable your organisation to transfer files, data and make voice calls between sites at significantly reduced costs. Our solutions also allow staff to work as though they were all in one building, enabling smaller businesses to develop the capabilities of much larger organisations. Communicating more efficiently and with fewer delays, our customers have often found that their business has become far more productive when we take the guess work out of connecting


Whether you're moving office, or opening a new site, we are always available to consult with you and understand your requirements. We provide free consultations, professional advice and site surveys.

For your business, we can provide a new telephone system at the cutting-edge of technology, or assist in the migration of your existing system. We can also transfer or install new lines to enable your business to keep existing numbers.

With the minimum of disruption, our engineers will install your system and talk you through how it all works.

Home Users

For remote workers and people working at home, we can provide a connection to enable calls to be made and received as if working at the company's main site.


If there's any aspect of your new equipment or system that you don't understand, we'll provide full training so you can get the maximum benefit.

Call (0800) 0389 345 or email to speak to one of our telecoms consultants to arrange a suitable time for you to have a training session.


We fully understand how critical it is to our customers if at any time the telephone system fails, so we are totally committed to providing you with the highest standards of maintenance and repair, and the largest network of service support.

For rapid problem resolution, we offer the strongest levels of skills sets and remote diagnostics tests, to detect and fix faults from our office.

Our maintenance and support packages enable you to be assured that if a problem were to occur, it would be solved quickly and efficiently, to keep your business running.