MH160 - Addressing an increasingly critical need for a wide range of industries

NEC’s MH160 Mobile Handset is designed for users across a wide range of industries. With its lightweight yet rugged design and extensive feature support, it exceeds the requirements of general office and management staff while providing a reliable option for front-line personnel in high-use environments.

Taking Wi-Fi to a New Level

The NEC MH150 and MH160 Mobile Handsets extend NEC’s tradition of offering the industry’s highest performing handsets for the Enterprise. These stylish handsets combine an easy-to-use, lightweight design with enhanced durability for employees constantly on the move. They use advanced technologies including 802.11a/b/g (Wi-Fi) network support, extended battery life and a high-resolution display to take Wi-Fi telephony to a new level.

Perfect for Round-the-Clock

Use Whether deployed as a personal handset or a shared device across multiple shifts, these terminals are the right choice for enterprise- grade wireless telephony. Personalization options include selectable ringing profiles, personal directory, redial list and a speed-dial list to keep frequently dialed numbers readily available. For shared-use environments, multiple charging and battery options make NEC’s MH150 and MH160 Mobile Handsets ideal for 24-hour operation.

Secure, Reliable Wireless You Can Trust

These handsets are easy to set up and use, and they are so durable that they are resistant to dust, shock and liquid damage. Combined with WLAN Voice Gateways with self-healing firmware, the MH150 and MH160 Mobile Handsets offer the best in security measures, including WEP, WPA and WPA2 protocols as well as Quality of Service (QoS) . Using the Wi-Fi Alliance’s Wireless Multimedia (WMM™) QoS standard, the MH150 and MH160 Mobile Handsets provide enterpriselevel security and quality voice. WMM prioritizes traffic (voice, video and data) and optimizes the way the network allocates bandwidth – ensuring call continuity for all users.

Cost Reduction through Integration

Unified management of these devices and their use of the same converged enterprise voice and data infrastructure reduces your capitalized costs. Their integration with a broad range of enterprise applications and networks enables them to deliver the richest possible functionality while significantly improving employee accessibility, productivity and responsiveness. Advanced features are also delivered through their seamless integration with the UNIVERGE IP communications systems.

A No Compromise Solution

Having a high-quality voice application is not just a basic requirement – it’s mission-critical. The MH150 and MH160 deliver a no- compromise voice quality solution, sharing the network bandwidth with the enterprise’s data applications, but managing the bandwidth so that calls get the voice quality they require no matter what other demands are placed on the network. It manages the bandwidth to ensure voice quality is always prioritized to be the best available.

Integration with Third-party Applications

Communication between the MH150 and MH160 Mobile Handsets and third-party applications is enabled via the Open Application Interface (OAI) Gateway. The OAI’s protocol enables third-party applications to write and control the user’s display, and perform basic call control such as going off hook and dialing digits. This unique twoway functionality enables mobile users to rapidly respond to non-voice messages with systems such as nurse call, HVAC and CRM tools, thereby reducing decision-making time and increasing productivity throughout the workplace.