Call Management

Call Management - Business boosting application suite

The MyCalls suite of applications integrates seamlessly with NEC communications solution, providing real time information about every aspect of telephone use & performance and more. MyCalls provides your team with the tools to succeed in making your business more customer-centric and more profitable. From call management, presence, call centres, call recording and call activity analysis – real-time stats enable sharper responses to fluctuating call traffic.

Ensure calls are always answered

Alarms can be programmed to alert a manager or an operator when a set rule is broken i.e. call unanswered for over 20 seconds. Your alarms ‘keep watch’ while you get on with your daily tasks.

Multiple office branches?

MyCalls Enterprise gathers and consolidates call information from all sites and can be managed from a single desktop.

Increase your customer service levels

Screen-pops speed up workflow by providing caller information even before a call is taken. Your customers can be greeted by name and dealt with more promptly.

Call recording

gives you the peace of mind so you always prove who said what. Disputes can be resolved quickly and painlessly saving you time, money and hassle. Stop-start recording enables credit card bookings to be taken over the phone, plus it’s also an ideal training tool for your team such as sharing effective sales calls, reviewing telephone skills and more.