F One Converged Broadband

F One Converged Broadband

Converged Broadband provides high quality internet and IP telephony access on a single line, from one supplier and with UK-based 24/7 support. Prior to provision we test each circuit. And every customer gets a choice of a very generous monthly data allowance or unlimited data. Fully Quality of Service (QoS) enabled, the service supports up to 10 voice channels and is backed by a robust performance service level agreement.

How does it work?

It's a single broadband connection where voice traffic takes priority on a percentage of the available bandwidth. Think of it as the fast lane of a motorway, reserved for priority traffic during busy periods but open to everyone the rest of the time.

With Converged Broadband you need buy only one service for voice and data. And fully supported by F One's expert staff we can offer compelling SLAs..

Can I have it for my business?

Converged Broadband is ideal for small businesses who are looking for a cost effective way of having two services for the price of one. The service supports up to 10 calls at a time so if you have less than 10 lines right now, Converged Broadband is for you. You can use it for F One SIP Trunks and hosted voice services such as Horizon.

What are the benefits of Converged Broadband?
A single connection for voice and data

Delivers cost savings that make IP telephony for small / branch offices and homeworkers more affordable

Guaranteed voice quality

Consistently high-quality voice that is unaffected by data on the same line

24/7 UK-based support

You can always speak to a fully-trained person in our UK office any time of the day or night

Advanced diagnostics tools

Our portal-based tools enable quality first-line support

Generous usage allowance

Choice of set or unlimited data usage (subject to Fair Usage Policy) allows you to make the most of your business applications

Hot topics
Do more for less

Converged Broadband is a cost-effective but still high-quality IP telephony and internet access over one single line for small or branch offices and home workers

Internet and voice reliability

All the benefits of high quality phone services and fast, reliable internet from a single, accountable supplier with a reputation for quality and reliability. One bill for both services.

Better customer support

Should you need to, you'll get easy access to our UK-based highly trained support team any time of the day or night.

My business issues

Here are just some of the current business issues we encounter with our customers where we can really help.

Faster speeds and more calls

With our standard Converged Broadband package, you can have up to 24MB download speed and up to 1.3MB upload speed while having a maximum of 5 voice calls at any one time. Converged Broadband Pro offers up to 16MB download speeds and up to 2MB upload speeds while having a maximum of 10 concurrent calls.

Service reliability

Our Converged Broadband services have been built to the highest engineering standards and use the latest technologies to provide reliably fast services.

Value for money

Two excellent services from just one line, free activation of your service plus a free top quality Cisco router when you sign up for 24 months certainly represents great value for money.


Converged Broadband is available to 85% of premises in the UK and growing.

Peace of mind

Our experience and knowhow ensures you're using a service that doesn't jeopardise your business critical requirements.