Is your business ready for the transfer to SIP?

What is SIP?

SIP Trunking is currently the recognised alternative to PSTN and ISDN lines for delivering Internet Protocol technology; allowing you to run voice and data over a secure internet connection rather than multiple fixed lines. By using virtual rather than physical phone lines, SIP allows for improved flexibility, scalability and a large reduction in costs.


How can SIP Trunking benefit your business?

Some of the key benefits include:

  • Highly scalable allowing your business to easily grow; adding new lines is easy and these can be scaled up or down over time to suit your business’ requirements.
  • Free calls and no need for expensive ISDN / PSTN line rental.
  • Provides the flexibility for remote and mobile working practices, such as the ability to receive calls to your office phone and your mobile at the same time without incurring additional costs.
  • Simple and effective integration with your business email account, CRM system and more.
  • Advanced resilience and disaster recovery in the case of severe weather or network failure.


Are you SIP ready?

PSTN / ISDN technology, is being phased out, if you were thinking of upgrading your business telephone system soon then an IP solution will be the future proof solution for all your business needs.

By 2025, BT plans to have migrated all businesses to the IP network. As investment in ISDN is decreasing dramatically this could lead to a drop in the quality standards you have received from your existing network, which is why we recommend you look at migrating sooner rather than later.

Many businesses have already made the switch to SIP.  If you are ready to begin the transfer and make your business future proof, please do not hesitate to contact F One Technonogies for no obligation advice. 




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