Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions

To help business colleagues and associates work faster and smarter on the move, we have a vast selection of the very latest mobile phones and smartphones to choose from and we offer call and data packages for both single and multi-users. We can provide your business with the lowest priced tariff with an inclusive data allowance for browsing the internet.

With a multitude of handsets, call and data packages, we know that one size doesn't fit all, so we offer helpful advice to businesses to help them become more efficient, profitable and flexible wherever they operate, and for organisations of any size.

Single User

If you need a mobile solution for a business or partner, or simply a single handset for a member of the team who's going to be out and about, we can advise on the most suitable type of mobile phone or smartphone for you or your staff.

With a full complement of the latest handsets to choose from, we can explain all of your options, help you select the most suitable, and save you money on your business mobile, regardless of usage.


We can advise, recommend and supply the best handsets for your teams with all of the required features to send/receive emails and access the internet.

Regardless of your usage or how many mobiles you need, we'll explain your options, help you choose and save you money on your business.

SIM Only

With SIM only you do not need to change your handset or existing number. We can provide you with a new handset, but if you already have one which suits your needs, once you receive a new SIM card from F One Technologies, all you need to do is put it in your handset to enjoy all of the benefits of a SIM only tariff.


We offers a range of tablets, and if more staff require them, we can despatch then directly within just a few days.

Call and Data Packages

With our Bundled Call Plans and one fixed monthly cost for calling all UK landline, mobile, 0845 and 0870 numbers your phone bills will never come as a surprise. We can provide bundled options bespoke to our customers so they know exactly what there are being charged each month.

For many businesses, it is not just about making and taking calls. Our inclusive allowance data packages help boost productivity, allowing staff to access email, company applications and browse the internet whilst they're on the go and away from the workplace.

As a business service provider, we guarantee that you will always be on the lowest possible priced tariff for your business.