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Unified Communication

This integrated system of instant messaging, presence, audio, video and web conferencing, telephony and voicemail means you can talk to anyone in your organisation anytime, anywhere, making costly delays a thing of the past.


Allows your customers keep up-to-date on the availability of your team, even when they are at different sites or on the road. Use automatically generated presence state announcements to inform external callers of your status, e.g. "In a meeting until 12 o'clock". Change your presence status by linking to the Outlook Calendar and the presence state is set automatically when certain keywords are entered in the appointment. No more forgetting to switch your voicemail on.

Drag & Drop Conference

Save travel costs and exchange information fast and effectively. No longer do you have to use a manual setup of conferences on the telephone, now you can set up conferences very easily with a few clicks directly from your PC/laptop. Select whether, as the conference manager, you would like to start a spontaneous or a planned telephone conference.

Favorites List

Save the phone numbers of your most important business partners and fellow workers in your personal favorites list. This allows you to establish contact quickly without wasting time searching for the phone number.


Automatically search all linked phone books (directories in the system or Microsoft Outlook) utilising one database. This guarantees minimum effort when searching for a contact.

Dialing By Mouse Click

You find the phone number of a customer in an email or on the Internet and would like to make contact, well now it’s easy. Highlight the phone number and then dial it automatically. Again, another time saving benefit.

Call Journal

Who has called and whom did you need get hold of at the first time of asking? The Call Journal informs you of this at all times and lets you make contact with a single click. See all received, dialed and missed calls with ease.

Status Based Call Forwarding

Do you redirect your business telephone line to your mobile phone? Have you ever forgotten to do this? If so then automatic call forward will help you. When you set your presence state to "Out of Office" for instance, your calls are automatically forwarded to your mobile phone. Of course the mobile client also allows you to do this comfortably when you are on the road.

Personal Auto Attendant

Give callers options in order to increase your reachability: "Press 1 to reach me on my mobile phone or press 2 and you can leave me a message".

Popup window

Incoming calls are immediately displayed on the PC in a "popup box". You decide what you do, accept the call or transfer directly from your PC or laptop and all of this by a click of the mouse. After you have accepted a call, switch automatically to the displayed options: You can, for instance, start Web Collaboration or a conference call.

Voice and Faxbox

Use your personal voice box with greater effectiveness, have your incoming voice messages sent to you by e-mail, use the UC client for quick access to important messages. Save long walks to the fax machine too, your personal Faxbox allows faxes to be received and sent directly by your PC.


Incoming voice and fax messages can be automatically signaled by e-mail, SMS, or by a phone call (e.g. to your mobile phone).

Instant messaging

Communicate with a fellow worker by chat in real time, when their phone is busy for example, because you have an important customer on the phone waiting for them. Of course, you can also chat with multiple subscribers, ideal for coordination in parallel to a telephone conference.

Live Call Recording

Easily record a call or a conference either by a single click of your mouse or by setting the telephone system to record every call that comes in or goes out of your business.

Web Collaboration

Web Collaboration allows multiple subscribers to work on one document in parallel, regardless of their site. They only need a computer with Internet access. Our solution provides secure, multi- media web conferences. It significantly improves cooperation within your organisation and with your business partners. Integrated functions such as desktop/file sharing, whiteboard and video conferencing enable you to conduct project and sales meetings, training sessions and product presentations without costly business trips.

Integration With You Mobile/Tablet

This is the web based user interface for mobile employees with smartphones and tablet PCs. It gives mobile employees access to UC functions such as presence or voice messages, regardless of where and when they are on the road. The mobile device is therefore fully integrated into the telephone system in your office. Various adjustable dialing methods can reduce voice call costs on your employee’s mobile phones

Intelligent Call Distribution

Thanks to intelligent distribution of calls, your customers are quickly and competently dealt with, and always connected to the suitable employee. In addition to call distribution, you can also offer customers email or fax as methods for making contact. Just like voice calls, inquiries over these media are always automatically forwarded to the right employee. If all employees are busy, callers can also leave voice messages so that your employees can call back.

Flexible Queue Options

For the case when all of your employees are talking on the phone, individual queue options can offer various options to customers, e.g. individual announcement of where they are in the queue or forwarding to other service groups. Customers can also shorten their waiting times by leaving a message if you business requirement suit, leaving your employees then call back when there are less incoming new calls.


To keep your employees always up-to-date on how many callers are currently in the queuing mechanism for example, details can be displayed in real time on a large screen monitor or by a projector.

Call Management

The Call management suite of applications includes call management, call centre management, call recording and CTI. Call management provides real time information about every aspect of telephone use & performance.


F One Technologies understands that today's mobile workforce requires more freedom to communicate whenever and wherever necessary. The right communications tools are also needed in order to empower those mobile workers to communicate with anyone they need in the simplest way possible.

VIP Support

VIP customers can be transferred directly to free departments without having to wait a long time in a call queue. This ensures that your VIP customers are always served quickly and no important order is lost.

Feature List

Talk to anyone in your organisation anytime, anywhere, making costly delays a thing of the past...

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